IGEL provides an endpoint operating system designed for VDI, DaaS and cloud workspaces.

IGEL solutions offer:

  •      Super easy to manage endpoints
  • IGEL OS turns your endpoint devices into ransomware non-targets
  • An ecosystem of 130+ IGEL Ready partners have integrated their solutions with IGEL OS
  • Rich employee experience, with support for Unified Communications
  • Support for almost any device including existing thin clients, PCs, laptops and for ‘IGEL Powered devices’ from HP, LG, Lenovo, DynaBook, OnLogic and NComputing Arm devices.
  • Sharply reduced ongoing operating expenses
  • Extreme hardware cost savings

Take only minutes to deploy and manage all your endpoints and reduce support tickets by up to 95%.


Onboard new technologies in days, not months. Extend equipment life and shift budget to growth by up to 60%.


Secure your endpoints in minutes, reduce risk with IGEL OS and fortify ongoing security without constant updates.